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Sustainability has always been my personal long-term goal.

For 25 years I have been developing ideas to reduce energy consumption.

Hadi Teherani | CreativeMornings Hamburg | February 2019

Creating energy in combination with aesthetically exceptional architecture

Perfectly finished construction resulting in

high energy efficiencies:

Holistic concepts, realized through immaculate designs, expediency and environmental soundness

Direct investments in photovoltaics

Solar energy is as secure as our planetary system.

As long as the sun shines 

high returns are guaranteed.

Those who trust in the power of the sun, 

invest in the environment

- and benefit their own wallet

Image by Zbynek Burival
Image by Scott Webb

If you own a roof or a free surface:

we deliver opportunities to capitalize on it!

Renting your roof promotes power generation through eco-friendly solar energy.

EGG 02_frontview_final_0.jpg



The futuristic symmetry of the gorgeous facade integrates photovoltaics, sun-shade elements and lighting components.

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