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Image by David Everett Strickler
For Over 25 years We Have Orchestrated Innovative Constructions. With the Sun in Mind.

Solar power enterprises are on the verge of enjoying a historical breakthrough. Germany’s federal government has set a goal to achieve a threefold year over year photovoltaics output increase from 2020 to 2021. This objective is defined by the 2016 Paris Agreement. The Berlin political agenda is in line with the strict requirements set up by the European Union – including Germany’s ambition to drive the initiatives even further.


Keystone to HADI TEHERANI SOLAR’s foundation is to embrace this political agenda. As architects we orchestrate creative designs with the utmost energy efficiency.

Implementing photovoltaics into your building acts as the perfect finish: both in aesthetics and function.


Due to our experience from over 25 years in the business our concepts are tightly linked with the development of environmental protection and the acceleration of green energies.

Our philosophy regards photovoltaics not only as a precious energy supply, but also as a contributor to environmental protection. 


Solar energy alone has the potential to deliver sufficient energy to cover at least twice the world’s current  demands. 

We convert your personal project with professional craftmanship at an affordable price. 


You will be assisted on every step of your route to photovoltaic investment. 


You will get everything from one source: offer and consulting, financing, construction supervision, and post construction support. 


Are you interested in more information?

Please feel free to contact our office to speak with a representative or to request further informative documentation.

Solar Power Plant

Save money with sustainability and produce your own solar energy.

Your energy consumption will decline, your investment is tax deductible, and your assets will increase in value.

Elements for Shade

As a complement to your façade, Solar Modules can be positioned to reduce the impact of daylight inside the building;  particularly useful for screen workspaces in office buildings.   

Perfect Shapes

Today’s solar panels represent the peak of modern technical development. They can be formed into almost any shape required, be finished semi-transparent or feature a wide range of colours to deliver spectacular aesthetical effects. 

Static Construction

Function follows form:

Solar panels of selected colour, shape and static construction to match the construction of the building add operational options such as sound and thermal insulation as well as weather protection.

Image by Tom Barrett

The Ultimate Energy

Upgrade Your Building with Solar Power

The establishment of HADI TEHERANI SOLAR was a special historical moment for us to focus on solar energy solutions.

Let us show you a path to your participation to an energy-efficient future: Making it possible to simultaneously save costs and protect the world.


Join Us On This Journey!

As seasoned architects we implement the ultimate innovation of glass and photovoltaic elements into your building design.

Your asset will be upgraded in style: extremely durable, extraordinarily elegant, and without compromise neither to aesthetics nor to quality. We aid you to establish stable revenues and develop your roof through a sustainable effort that promotes the planet’s protection. We build your personalized solution with Hadi Teherani’s handpicked construction partners. 

Intelligent Independent Supply through Solar Power: 

the Perfect Finish For Your Building.


Light Converts to Electrical Energy,

Defined By Photovoltaics. 


A Resource. Simply Available For Free. 

Every Day. For You!

Your Image Turns Green - Your Assets Turn Gold 

Upgraded with photovoltaics any building experiences a change. A purely consuming unit evolves into a producing entity. 



Architectural high-level solutions are a decisive factor to improve the energy efficiency of properties and to increase the sustainability of real estate investments. Even your personal image benefits from an upgrade. 

Solar energy as an integral factor of technology is promoting your building to become an autonomous unit – and it helps reducing the atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide. 

You are renting your property? Upgrading your building with photovoltaics will give you some unbeatable competitive advantage. Plus you can use your own electricity with considerably less expenses.ive!

Making Your Property Autonomous

Electricity: Your building is converted to a solar power plant. Utilize your energy for your own equipment or earn money on secured terms by German law.

Storage: Surplus energy will not get lost. Connected with modern storage units solar electricity is usable even when the sun does not shine and the modules are not generating energy.  

Mobility: Producing your own energy delivers many benefits. Refuel your electric car, reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions to zero and save money – become autonomous and deliver the energy supply. 

Façade: Aesthetically and functionally integrated photovoltaics are a fully renewable energy system, turning your property into an environmentally friendly building.

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