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Turn your roof into money!

It Also Promotes Your Eco-friendly Reputation 

Many roof areas are plain baren land. However, almost every single one offers the opportunity for a sensible utility. Farm barns, industrial production halls, storage and office buildings as well as libraries, schools, indoor pools or other municipal institutions are capable of utilizing the maximum economic potential. 

Photovoltaic modules are strategically mounted on roofs to generate energy from the maximum amount of sunlight hours. To increase the production performance further, we offer additional integrated solutions for other parts of the building

The owner of the roof area will not have to incur any costs at all. As the operating company, HADI TEHERANI SOLAR is responsible for every aspect: planning, assembling, maintenance, and administration.  

In return, the owner receives a long-term fixed rent: as a one-off payment, an annual lease or a roof renovation.


Simply provide us with your plans of the unused roof or green area for the production of eco-friendly energy. This is the first step to profit from our products and first-class service!



Be a partner to our continuing success story!

Are you an owner of a roof area with at least 500 square meters? 

Then your roof can achieve a lot more than just protect your building against rain, snow or hail stones. It has the potential to deliver an ecological and profitable benefit.   


Big roofs are evoking costs for repairs and refurbishments on a regular basis. So right here and now is the opportunity for a radical change: simply rent your roof area and let us mount a photovoltaic installation. You will gain a sensible and useful roof cover plus a secure source of income.  

Do you have a roof or open space available?

You can calculate your roof lease with our roof rent calculator.

We cover all aspects of a project’s development

We take care of the project’s realization

We mount

the system

We maintain the installment from day one

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