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We assemble more than just classical solar power systems: We integrate innovative solar panels into the symmetry of your building’s façade. Modern design. Eco-friendly and energetically self-sufficient. 

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Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Hotel and residential buildings

BLK K09B_20081002.jpg



Superbogen office tower

HTIPA 190603 final EXT01 v2.jpg



Innovation Park office building




Office and production building

For over 25 years Hadi Teherani Group designs have incorporated energy-efficient elements and photovoltaics.


The foundation of Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH follows this trend: Integration of photovoltaic systems into your building – aesthetically and functionally. 

These projects show customized photovoltaic solutions – both planned and implemented - that realize creative integration into unique building shapes.


We combine design with efficieny and sustainability – for you!

Please feel free to contact our office for individual reference examples. Plan your future with integrated photovoltaic systems!

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