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We have discovered a simple route for you to invest your money safely and sustainably – regardless of any surprises the future may hold.

Hadi Tehrani | June 2020

Protect the Climate and Wisely Invest Your Money

Fundamental elements of your involvement: Return rates of four up to six per cent plus huge tax advantages

Your contribution to the world’s energy transformation:

Today you are consumer, tomorrow you will be a producer.

With HADI TEHERANI SOLAR you will have the ideal partner for your project.


Expanding renewable energy is a central pillar of the energy system transformation. Lawmakers created a successful instrument to promote Germany’s ambitious goals:

the Renewable Energies Law (in German: Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG)). Since the law was enacted in 2000, it has been regularly amended. 

Expanding renewable energy is a central pillar of energy’s transformation process. In 2000 lawmakers created a successful instrument to promote Germany’s ambitious goals: the Renewable Energies Law - in German: Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG). 

The complexity of the energy’s system transformation cannot be financed by government money alone. So Germany’s lawmakers created incentives. Private investors should also contribute by investing directly into photovoltaic power plant investments. Thanks to the EEG your return has the potential to be significant – guaranteed by the German government!   


You will get everything from one source: offer and consulting, financing, construction supervision, and post construction support. 

Are you interested in more information? Please feel free to contact our office to speak with a representative or to request further informative documentation.

Your sample calculation for your solar pension:

The Complete Package

A solar power plant means more than just producing energy on your roof. It means innovation and development. Our profitable solar power modules are possible owing to the high quality of their construction and our years of successful experience in the business.

With us as your partner you will get the complete package from one source.

Guaranteed Compensation by Law

For 20 years your compensation is secured by Germany’s EEG regulation. The purchase of solar energy is contractually guaranteed both by the German government and the major energy supply companies. 

Due to experience and independent expert valuation, current energy income rates are attainable within a high degree of precision.

Saving taxes – 

even retroactively 

Huge tax savings can be generated even for the period prior to the acquisition, thanks to Germany’s tax law and its Investitions-Abzugs-Betrag (IAB).


Indeed, a taxpayer can deduct up to 40 percent of the investment through so called “mobile economical goods”.  

Making Money ...

… with calculable, lucrative und

secure assets. 

Our proven photovoltaic technology is highly matured, requires practically no maintenance and enjoys an extremely long service life. 

Our feed and control system makes it easy to view the performance through an app on your smartphone.

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