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Holistic buildings, holistic life:

We design for the future.

Regardless of one's perspective:

We merge design and sustainability.

Our climate. Your energy.

Being dedicated architects we are designing for the environment’s future: our projects are guided by holistic and sustainable goals.


We are guided by environmental awareness, gentle use of natural resources and fair, honest, transparent business principles. Throughout our daily life, within our company, as partners, and beyond. 


For over 25 years we have been contributing to a future of clean energy. We develop your projects with an integration of photovoltaics.


We are united by our philosophies: distinctive, courageous approach and open mindedness combined with the endeavour to make way for changes and unbounded ideas. This is the only way to tackle the challenges we face due to the inexorable consequences being evoked by climate change. 


​You are invited to profit through our projects and partnership!


Our innovative enterprise follows the principle of comprehensive sustainability.

We offer a complete all-round service, realizing your project with seamless steps and customized constructions, beginning with the planning stages through to the final connection of solar energy to feed the electric utility network.

HT Portrait_09_300 dpi.jpg

Hadi Tehrani


Architect, designer

& Visionary

"Holistic determined
our ideas, the shape and connection of all parts!"
Christoph 07022023.jpg

Christoph Waser

HTS Switzerland

Christian Jahnke-CFO-HTS Deutschland.jpg

Christian Jahnke

HTS Germany

Sarah Hennings-Verkaufmanagerin-HTS Deutschland.jpg

Sarah Henningsen

Sales Manager
HTS Germany


Christian Bartelheimer

CCO & Partner

Dusan Ivancevic A-4970.jpg

Dusan Ivancevic

Office Management
HTS Germany


Payam Hazin

Shareholder & Managing Director

Engineer, coordinator

"A journey of 1000
Miles starts with  
the first step!"
Sam Tehranchi-HTS Kanada.jpg

Sam Tehranchi

HTS Canada

Christopher Albien-Rechtsberater-HTS Deutschland.jpg

Christopher Albien

legal advisor
HTS Germany

Dietmar Vollmer-Energieberater-W&P Berlin.jpg

Dietmar Boder

BSE-Building Services Equipment
W&P Germany


Anne Sofie Vogelsang

Sales Partner
Ramforth Immobilien GmbH


Joel Vogl

Hydrogen Systems Expert

Marcel Lolk-Energieberater-HTS Deutschland.jpg

Marcel Lolk

Head of Energy Concepts
HTS Germany


Our architecture is characterised by a holistic, urban approach and top-class design. The “Green Building” and “DGNB” evaluation standards, and a consideration for long-term lifecycles, are the foundations upon which our buildings are designed.


By combining our main management services, reliable and conclusive project organisation is ensured that offers clients practical advantages.


The Hadi Teherani Interior GmbH develops room concepts with an atmosphere that conveys emotions and provides identity.


Hadi Teherani’s product and communication design is distinguished by innovative ideas, emotional expression and a specific architectural language.

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