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Consume Your Own Energy

If the photovoltaic system does not cover 100 per cent of the required consumption, the public network will cover the remaining power requirements.  

How do I calculate my consumption?

Your own consumption value is easy to calculate. You simply deduct the figures shown by the feed-in counter from the figures of the photovoltaic meter.


-  Generated Solar Energy 

-  Solar Energy fed into the public system

= Own Consumption


If your system generates 6.500 kilowatt hours and the fed-in energy peaks at 4.300 kWh, your own consumption is 2.200 kWh. Both values are easily accessible and readable via the connected meters.  


To record the requirements of your own consumption, three meters will be needed: 

  • The photovoltaic meter records the generated solar power.

  • The reference meter records the electricity delivered by the public network.

  • The feed-in counter records the solar generated electricity fed into the public network.

Your photovoltaic system produces more than eco-friendly solar power: it promotes independency from rising energy prices. Key to this independence is the scale of your own consumption.


Your Advantages:

  • Own consumption reduces your need to consume energy sourced the public network. Plus it helps save money.   

  • Increased independence from rising energy costs.


Sensible Usage

The solar energy generated will be converted from direct current to alternating current by using an inverter. This inverter delivers the electricity into your building’s network. It has a diverse range of application: lights, washing mashine, television, electrical heating. Any surplus of produced energy will automatically be delivered (fed) to the public network.

Is personal consumption worthwile?

Yes, indeed.  Everybody benefits from his or her own photovoltaic system. Private areas usually do not need more than the solar generated energy by their system. So the surplus generates revenues. Thanks to the funding stipulated by Germany’s EEG law you will benefit from a guaranteed and secure governmental remuneration. 

We are your partners!

Of course we would like to show you even more benefits and advantages a photovoltaic system has to offer.

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