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Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH

Top class photovoltaic modules

German development know-how, merged with excellent South Korean craftsmanship and manufacturing quality:

Hanwha Q Cells Gmbh, based in Thalheim, Germany, supplies high-quality solar modules for our construction projects.


Hanwha is a family-owned company founded back in 1952 in South Korea’s capital Seoul. In 2012 the company acquired Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany based Q-Cells SE. Part of Hanwha’s commitment: almost every single worker position would be retained. Under the new brand Hanwha Q-Cells, the production has continued essentially without interruption. 


The Thalheim-based research and development department alone employs over 550 experts. Worldwide 10,000 Hanwha employees produce top notch solar modules in constantly increasing numbers and efficiencies. Currently, Hanwha Q Cells’ solar modules contribute roughly 11 gigawatts each year to clean electricity production.

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